Thursday, 24 February 2011


I always know when burnout is approaching. I begin to get an unhealthy interest in PvP and start playing some old classic games instead of logging onto WoW. Stormwind also begins to feel like a lonely place even though it’s bursting at the seams with players.

Each new expansion of the game holds my interest for less and less time. BC had me gripped for a whole your before I burned out. Wrath for a few moths. Now I seem to be losing interest in Cata within a few weeks. I’m not sure if it’s the expansion that is under par or if I’m just getting jaded with the whole game.

I’m tempted have a look at RIFT or one of the other so called ‘next generation MMO’s’ out there but I know WoW will eventually pull me back. Even when it’s not at its best WoW is still better than anything else out there. Partly because of familiarity I guess. I have spent almost 6 years figuring the game out. I know my class and worked out what I need to do to get the best out of it and the game. I can set up all the addons I need and understand how to build macros, etc….Do I really want to have to learn all that stuff again? Well that’s probably part of the fun in leaning a new game. I remember when I started playing WoW I had the most fun while being a noob. The fun is in discovery. Exploring new lands and learning new skills.

Well I’m going to ease off the raid progression for a while in WoW anyway. I am guildless again and that suits me fine at the moment. It means I’m not duty bound to follow a schedule. If I want to pug a dungeon I can. OK so it will probably be a cluster f**k but eventually even pugs should start to get the hang of the bosses. It also means I don’t have to go to the raids I hate, Throne of the four winds for instance. God I hate that place!

I might also start healing more. That’s another sign of burnout for me. Healing is less competitive and I never find myself checking the HPS in recount. As long as the boss dies it’s a win. My healing gear is good enough for all the current content that I would want to play. I could always start running my alts through dungeons too I suppose. I normally just level their profs to supply mats for my main.

The point here is that nothing is grabbing me in WoW any more. I need a new challenge. I fear Rift is just too close to WoW. It may hold my attention for a while I can’t see me being awe struck the way I was when I first joined WoW. SWTOR has always struck me as a bit geeky but so did WoW before I started playing it. Maybe I’ll just take up golf…..nah as bad as some of the arseholes are that play WoW they aren’t anywhere near as bad as those you find on a golf course ;)

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