Thursday, 24 February 2011


I always know when burnout is approaching. I begin to get an unhealthy interest in PvP and start playing some old classic games instead of logging onto WoW. Stormwind also begins to feel like a lonely place even though it’s bursting at the seams with players.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Classic Computer Games and Cultural Snobbey

I have always been facinated by computer games. From the very 1st cassette loaded games for the ZX Spectrums and Commodore 64's of the early 80's. I have had some real happy times playing these games. Sometimes I think it’s a sad reflection on my life that I have such fond memories of these old classic games. But am I any different from the people who become obsessed with soap operas or movies? Someone who is knowledgeable about movies or literature in considered to be cultured and intelligent but someone who is knowledgeable about computer games is a geek who needs to get a life.  

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


You’ve heard it all before. Many pretenders have tried to take WoW’s throne but none have the staying power or the fan base. Aion was going to be the new king but it seems to be dying a slow and lingering death. RIFT and TERA are the new young upstarts and seem to have plenty of buzz around their release but I can’t see them making the grade. They are just following a trend instead of setting one. Same goes for Guild wars and countless other Fantasy RPG based games.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Not a good start

I had possible my worst night of raiding ever last night. It was my 1st raid with my new guild Philosophers’ Stone. Initially we had planned to do Nefarian but the main tank didn’t show so there was a change of plan. Now Philosophers Stone are a few bosses in front of me when it comes to raid progression and as luck would have it they decided to do two bosses I have never done before, Al'Akir and Twilight Ascendent Council. What made it worse was that have spent the hour before watching videos and reading tactics for Nafarian. As a result I went into these bosses blind. I’m sure I made a bad impression on my new guild and now I’m doubting I will make it through the trial period. On Al'Akir I soon picked up the 1st and 2nd phases mechanics but I couldn’t follow what was going on in the 3rd stage. Since then I have read up and watched a few videos and should be better prepared next time. If there is a next time. On the last attempt I died just before they killed him and I now I’m 8/12 although I don’t feel I deserved the boss kill. My DPS was well below what I know it can be because I was trying so hard not to die.

Friday, 4 February 2011

A change of guild

Last night I left Swiftness. It’s a shame because they were doing really well and I had been in every single raid they ran since our 1st raid boss kill on Halfus. every subsequent kill, every wipefest learning the fights. We only got Halfus down after mumerous wipes because I stayed on him and interrupted his shadow nova. Not bad considering it’s a 6 second cast.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Is raiding worth the hassle?

I mean the standing around waiting for everyone to get fed, put the kettle on, let the dog out, put the kids to bed, finish their homework. yada yada yada.
The political intrigue and backstabbing.
The arguments over loot.
The wipefests and recriminations about whose fault it was.
The rules and regulations you have to follow.
Then it gets to the stage when, even if you get the boss down, someone will still tell about the interrupt you missed or that you stood in the fire a tad too long.
It’s worse than working in an office. And we do this for fun?


Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Enhancement Shaman guide to Chimaeron

Last night (Monday 01/02/11) we got Chimaeron down (10 man). It’s probably the toughest fight we have had because we spent 2 hours the previous night just continually wiping. It was only in the last 20 mins of Monyays raid that the tanks finally understood the taunting rotation. We gave up but had a much better understanding of the fight. Tuesday night isn’t supposed to be a raid night but we have had such a successful raiding week we didn’t want it to end on a low so we decided to have another go before the reset. On about the 3rd try everything clicked and we got him down with only a couple of deaths.